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Lawn Care Tips

Spring will soon be upon us, (I mowed my lawn yesterday, 7th January 2015) and now is the perfect time to think about the plan for your lawn this year.

January and February are ideal months to aerate your lawn as the soil is usually moist allowing the aerator blade to pierce the soil deeply allowing all the relevant nutrients to reach the root system with ease. By doing this you are encouraging stronger growth ensuring healthier grass which in turn helps it fight off diseases such as redthread, fusarium patch, dollar spot, dry patch etc.

In February I start scarifying lawns. This process is essential to maintain a top quality lawn, it removes dead thatch allowing nutrients to reach the soil surface providing similar benefits to aerating as well as helping the sward breath.

Both aerating and scarifying should be carried out annually to achieve the best results.

With regard to what you can do as a proud lawn owner is to cut the grass regularly. In the main growing season (April and May) at least once a week but not too short. The perfect height to cut your grass is 1 ½ to 2”. Short grass runs out of energy and can become weak and unhealthy.

I will be aerating, scarifying, applying weed and feed programmes throughout most of East Sussex and the west side of Kent.

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