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Our Services

In general the process is a weed and feed application in the spring, summer and late summer with a moss control in the autumn.

Aeration is carried out in the spring, autumn or winter. This process is essential for a healthy lawn and should be carried out annually. There are many benefits from this operation such as reducing compaction allowing the grass root system to progress through the soil more effectively. In addition to this oxygen and nutrients are delivered directly to the root thus ensuring the strongest growth possible.

Scarification is performed in the spring or autumn. This operation rakes the lawn removing dead thatch allowing nutrients to reach the soil with efficiency so as with aeration the root system is benefitting from an easier supply of nutrients. By opening up the sward air is also able to flow across the surface helping the grass to breath. This process should be carried out at least once a year.

For the particularly distressed lawns other treatments may be needed:

  • Fungicides to eradicate diseases such as Red Thread
  • Pesticides to control Leatherjackets and Chafer Grubs
  • Wetting Agents to Re Hydrate soil

Services in addition to lawn treatments

Wasp Nest Control