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Case Studies

These are two examples of many lawns that I have recovered from a very poor state, to lawns to be proud of.

If you are in need of my services to restore your lawn or you would like a programme to maintain it to its current level preventing a decline in condition then please don’t hesitate to contact me.


This lawn was infested by leatherjackets soon after it was laid. I was called in to see what could be done.

Thankfully I had come across this problem before if not in such an aggressive form so I knew what to do. I am delighted that my processes recovered the lawn without the use of seed in order to ensure the grass roots are the strongest they can possibly be.

This is a good example as to why it is advisable to take preventative measures against infestation of the like of Leatherjackets or Chafer Grubs etc.

This lawn had a number of problems including infestation of leatherjackets, very poor soil with a particular condition which I am pleased to say I specialise in reversing.

I started the process in January 2014 and now (Sept 2014) I am proud to say that my customer has her lawn back.