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Top Lawn van displaying services provided, feed and weed, scarifying, overseeding and aerating

About Us

I have been in the lawn treatment business since 2004 when I was working within the Countrywide LawnDoctor franchise.

Due to a restructuring of the franchise I was given the opportunity to become independent which I did on the 1st of June 2014.

On the surface the work would appear quite simple, some materials are purchased, placed on the van, taken to a lawn and then applied. The hard bit is which materials to use!

Is the lawn on a clay soil (this is by far the best) or is it on loam? Is it open to sunshine all day or is it shaded by trees? Etc. the questions can be numerous.

With the experience I have gained since 2004, I have developed various programmes for all sorts of lawns with astonishing results.

I am very proud of the service I provide and to demonstrate this I am able to boast that I still have my very first 2 customers whose lawns I started treating in January 2005.

The team currently consists of 2 operators, Myself and Russell Bishop who has been with me since January 2010. We are both fully trained and qualified in the application of Fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides.

The size of lawns that I am responsible for range from 50m2 up to 8500m2, so as you can see I cater for any size lawn no matter how small or large.

In addition to lawn treatments I am also able to control wasp nests.