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Robert Martin, owner of Top Lawn with van in East Sussex about to apply lawn treatment


beautiful weed free lawn
can be
for less than
£2.00 per week**

**Based on a lawn of 100m2

Lawn in Wadhurst East Sussex before scarification

Welcome to Top Lawn

Specialists in the maintenance and restoration of lawns

Top Lawn is an independent lawn treatment business that has been owned and operated by me since 2004 looking after residential lawns in East Sussex and the West part of Kent.

My aim is to provide you with a lush weed free lawn. I do this by using the most effective materials for your lawn and re assessing it every time I visit.

If you would like to have a beautiful weed free lawn please contact me, I will then make an appointment with you to carry out a free, no obligation lawn survey. I will assess the best possible process for your lawn and present you with a detailed plan.

Once you have confirmed that you would like to use my service I will schedule your first visit and let you know a proposed treatment date when your programme will commence.

Should you decide to use my service I am convinced that you will be delighted with the results I can achieve as well as the exemplary service that I and my staff provide.

Thank you for visiting this website, I very much look forward to being your Top Lawn Specialist.


Robert Martin

Plunger Machine

Top Lawn has recently invested in the latest technology to aerate lawns. This machine produces holes around an inch in diameter and 3 inches deep. Benefits of aerating are, more nutrients reaching the grass root system, improving growth and helps fight off diseases such as "red thread" and "dry patch". This machine is capable of aerating very large lawns and surprisingly very small lawns too (Provided suitable access is available)